With the break-neck pace of our global business world, assessments offer a quick, reliable and objective method to identify talent, behavioral traits and the motivation to triumph. As a key ingredient for company and employee success, assessment applications include:

  • Team building and development

  • High potential and leadership development

  • Executive coaching

  • Individual development and coaching

  • Career management

  • Selection and hiring

  • Succession planning

Donaldson Dynamics recommends only proven assessment tools to fit your specific needs:

  • StrengthsFinders Profile is based on the belief that when we capitalize on our talents and strengths, we're more successful and fulfilled in work and life. This assessment reveals the top strengths for both individuals and teams.

  • 360 Assessment helps individuals develop and improve their interpersonal skills. Learn more about yourself by understanding how others view your performance.

  • Corporate Survey is customized for your company to gauge employee opinions. For example, taking a look at the company's culture to identify gaps in where you are and where you want to be.

  • The Birkman Method offers personalized reports for individuals and teams. Reports might measure behavior and motivation in relationships or dealing with change - to name just two. You'll learn how to manage stress and uncover your management and problem-solving style.

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