Personal Coaching recognizes that individuals seek coaching for a variety of reasons, such as the desire to be more effective, better balance work and home life, improve self-confidence or create a personal life plan. Working with Donaldson Dynamics lets you take charge of your own direction, create focus and build personal momentum.  Sessions typically occur two to three times a month for a minimum of three to six months.


Laser Coaching is for individuals who are very clear in what they want to accomplish in a particular area, but need help and focus in how to get there. Prior to starting the sessions, Jill will clarify the coaching needed and an agreed period of time required.


Career Coaching helps you uncover your values, priorities and most appealing job environment. To kick-start your career, Donaldson Dynamics offers a rigorous six-step program with core components of understanding your strengths, behavior and motivational needs. You’ll learn ways to use your network, create your DNA via your resume and finally, how to get your personal brand message across in an interview. It works!


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