Leadership Coaching
Today’s leaders are expected to do it all, from providing vision and strategic direction to leading and motivating their teams. They should make a measurable impact on the bottom line, as they solve problems, improve productivity, cut costs, handle turnovers, meet deadlines... whew!


Studies prove that leadership coaching can have a dramatic effect on how leaders handle this mountain of responsibility. By striking a balance at work and at home, leadership coaching can improve relationships, job satisfaction, organizational commitment and productivity. Leadership coaching can teach you how to:

  • Determine the type of leader you want to be

  • Clarify vision and priorities

  • Facilitate productive change leading to growth

  • Anticipate shifting expectations

  • Uncover untapped potential

  • Communicate effectively

  • Motivate and develop your teams

  • And enjoy work!



Executive Coaching is comprised of one-on-one sessions and assessments focused on building leadership skills and identifying professional and personal goals. You’ll become aware of your strengths and potential barriers to your success.


New Leader Coaching is made up of one-on-one coaching sessions and assessments for those taking on a new leadership role. By discovering your personal leadership and social style, you’ll learn how to define and achieve goals and become a more effective communicator. New leaders also benefit from Donaldson Dynamics’ workshops.


Group Coaching consists of joint coaching and brainstorming sessions for individuals with similar roles and/or issues. Groups meet via teleconferencing or in person twice a month. For maximum effectiveness, group size is limited.


Ready to strike a balance
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