Join a small group of women for the trip of a lifetime where you’ll connect with people around the world. By sharing this unique experience and through our coaching circle, you’ll discover how similar we are regardless of where we live, learn what really matters to each of us individually, and be challenged to make a difference in any way you choose. These retreats can change your life.


Personal Note from Jill:

“Since Lollipop School kindergarten, I knew that I thrived on all sorts of people and experiences. When I passed my driving test at 16, I was “on the road.”  Traveling was in my blood and luckily my past career allowed me to visit wild places with extraordinary experiences from ... sitting in an African Masai hut, to being with lepers in India, to working as an au pair for a Lord and Lady, to handling snakes in Sri Lanka, to swimming with dolphins, to observing penguins in Antarctica, to attending a desert wedding in Wadi Rum and to sitting on top of Machu Picchu.  Besides being blessed with these opportunities, the greatest gift is the opportunity to meet people from all cultures and walks of life. The acceptance of these differences, enable me to learn and connect to what is important in life.  Travel has changed my life.”


If you’re interested in one of these amazing adventures, with destinations like Africa and India, contact Jill.  She’ll alert you of upcoming dates and destinations you won’t want to miss.


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