Throughout life, we find ourselves on teams: our families, work groups, peer circle, neighborhoods, even book clubs. Whichever kind of team you’re on and whatever role you play in it, Donaldson Dynamics’ team building and development workshops are customized to your issues and goals. The basic structure for effectiveness is based on the A.C.T.S.




Sessions include interactive experiential learning, on-the-spot coaching and ideally, follow-up coaching for continued results.


Benefits of Team Development

  • Uncovers hidden attitudes and behaviors that hinder teams

  • Builds awareness of individual contributions

  • Develops common values, visions and goals

  • Creates a well-oiled, revved-up achieving machine

  • Improves relationships within the team and others

  • Brings everyone together through a shared experience

  • Increases productivity and job satisfaction

Sample Team Workshops

For more ideas, check out Workshops and Speaking.

  • Soup to Nuts Team Building offers the benefits cited above with continued coaching.

  • Snap, Crackle, Pop takes an already energized team to the next level, utilizing all of the talents present.

  • 20/20 Team Development is a prescription for designing the vision of the team and their code of behavior.

  • Get off the Gravy Train focuses on teams with conflict, dysfunction or entitlement issues.

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