Coaching is an ongoing partnership that focuses clients on setting goals and producing results — real results. Through a process of listening, observing, questioning, supporting and giving feedback, Jill’s coaching builds your level of awareness and responsibility. Through Donaldson Dynamics, you’ll be dared to:

  • Be a leader on any level  

  • Build an organization full of energized, “full-throttle” people

  • Create teams devoted to positive change

  • Look at work “upside down” to attack new problems

  • Produce, succeed and enjoy it

  • Bulldoze negativity

  • Believe you can make a difference

  • Shape the company culture you want

  • Let go of fear and learn to welcome the unknown

  • Have a vision of life and work

And by changing the dynamics, you’ll change the results:

  • Increased productivity

  • Better working relationships

  • Greater confidence in your leadership abilities

  • Open, trusting and collaborative workplace

  • Increased effectiveness and job satisfaction

  • Deeper organizational commitment

Change the dynamics,
and get results





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