Want relief from yet another “talking heads” conference? Then why not inject your next meeting, conference or team retreat with an engaging and interactive workshop, breakout session, icebreaker or keynote?


Donaldson Dynamics can tailor any workshop or presentation for your group. To give you an idea of what’s possible, take a look at some existing programs:


The Dead Moose on the Table

Do you avoid that dreaded conversation? Sidestep difficult talks with your peers, boss or team? Learn how to turn perceived conflict into compelling conversations.


Upside Down to Right Side Up

Turn things upside down by shining a light on you and your colleagues’ strengths and talents. In this team-building workshop, you’ll have fun, make a few mistakes and learn to let go of what’s holding you back. By learning in an interactive setting, the learning “sticks” and can transform your group into the team you want.


It’s All in Your Heart, Not in Your Head

The No. 1 reason people leave a job is because of their leader or manager. Uncover which kind of leader you are and what kind you strive to be. Learn to lead from a compassionate heart, increase workplace fun and how to reward your employees.


Purposeful Path

Are you neglecting to ask yourself crucial questions like, “What’s next in my life?” “How can I get what I want?” In this workshop, you’ll discover what’s truly important to you, identify your passions, break through blocks holding you back, work from a place of clarity and create a powerful vision of where you want to be.


Performance Management for Leaders

Learn key steps for successful performance management, including how to set clear goals and expectations, identify performance issues, uncover job fit and desires, coach for performance, have difficult conversations and celebrate.


What’s Your Company’s DNA?

Hold a mirror up to your company’s beliefs, expectations and spirit: Do you have the organizational culture you want? Do you walk the talk? This cultural change workshop is most effective when accompanied by Leadership Coaching.


Overall Developmental Programs

Customized for groups within an organization, these programs can combine leadership, individual or specialized topics and range from a half-day to multiple days. These programs are highly interactive, practical, flexible and results-driven.


Other topics in demand include:

  • Coaching Skills as a Leadership Tool

  • Outside Looking In: How to Look at Things from a Different Perspective

  • Stress: Snap Out of It

  • The Fabric of Trust

  • Compelling Communication

  • Embracing Diversity

  • How to Run Effective Meetings

  • Get Serious about Succession Planning

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