Donaldson Dynamics' clients include executives and professionals from Samsung, Capital One Bank, American Express, British Airways, Pepsico, Texas Instruments, and 12 different federal goverment agencies. Hear what they have to say:


Whether you're looking to take your business, your team or your life to the next level and beyond, Jill's business skills combine with an approach that is both fun and focused. Jill can help inspire and motivate you to achieve all you want to accomplish and more. I had reached a plateau, both personally and professionally, when Jill helped me define my goals, outline the steps needed to realize my dreams and held me accountable for taking those difficult steps. She celebrated successes, both big and small, and provided direction and encouragement when the going was tough. Thanks to Jill, I accomplished more than I had set out to do!        

Kathi Shaw, Manager of Business Development, Card Division

American Express

Dallas, TX


After 35 years as an airline executive, I was one year from retirement with little focus on my future. Donaldson Dynamics organized my thoughts and via serious, professional coaching, helped me find a different path to explore my future life, a path I probably would never have ventured alone. I now have a totally different perspective on life. In just a few months, I have managed to achieve far more than I ever imagined in an area totally removed from anything I've ever experienced.

Sales Director

British Airways

You are my Oprah!

Branch Chief

General Services Administration

Washington, DC


Jill has been a great mentor and coach to me for about five years. She is very skilled at getting to know you, keeps you honest without being judgmental, has great energy and is a lot of fun to work with. In particular, Jill has helped me to develop my own coaching and team-leading skills, and was hugely supportive around the time of my latest career move, helping me to clarify my goals and pushing me to achieve them.

Graham Brodie, Senior Consultant


United Kingdom


Coaching with Jill helped me to be courageous and gave me the confidence to face some difficult situations. Jill's coaching helped me to trust myself and just do it.


Sandia National Laboratories

Albuquerque, NM


Working with Jill Donaldson and Donaldson Dynamics was a life-changing and life-affirming experience. Jill's superb listening skills, along with her talent for asking just the right questions, kept our sessions focused and on-track. By administering the Birkman Method assessment and walking me through the results, Jill enabled me to see the patterns I repeatedly turned to in specific situations.


Jill provided insight into how I could make changes that would positively affect my business and personal lives. I was held accountable for my homework, which helped me to make significant breakthroughs. With Jill's considerable management and personnel skills, coupled with her joyful yet understanding nature, I saw real progress taking place. I recommend Jill Donaldson and Donaldson Dynamics to individuals and groups needing to make positive transitions for improved performance.

Patricia Petty, Director of Alumni Services

William Jewell College

Liberty, MO


From our initial exchange of emails and telephone conversations, I knew Jill would professionally walk me through all the steps necessary to achieve my objectives and goals. My energy level and self-confidence went through the roof. I can't thank Jill enough for supporting me through an unsettling, but exciting time in my life.

Maribeth Kisslinger, Manager, Association Business Development


Chicago, IL


It was evident from the start that Jill genuinely cares about her clients. Her approach is very focused on the individual's needs and objectives. Jill has the uncanny ability to ask the right - sometimes candid - questions and guide the client through a thought process that produces clarity and encouragement. I highly recommend Jill as an executive and corporate coach.

Betty Schnaufer, Director, Strategic Partnerships

Meeting Planners International

Board Member, British American Chamber of Commerce

Dallas, TX


When I first started coaching with Jill I was hesitant, since I wasn't used to talking about myself. As we went through the coaching sessions, however, I found out a lot about myself and why I am the way I am. The Birkman Method reports were extremely helpful in identifying my values and how that plays into my behavior. They also helped to guide the coaching sessions. I found Jill to be an effective coach, pushing me when I needed a nudge and able to read between the lines to get to the root of a matter.


Online Integration Group

Dallas, TX

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